Forum Title: Concrete slab moisture and new bamboo laminate
Hi, great forum, already learning. We had some rain getting under our laminate floor in one of our rooms that I think stayed a few weeks there until we noticed the leak, fixed it and removed the laminate completely, disinfected, etc. I now have the bare concrete drying with a dehumidifier for several days now ( airtight room, closed ac running at 30% RH). I have a relative moisture meter, dielectric type, that measures a large difference between the ?unnafected? areas and areas that had water ( coincidentally darker in color)...difference is as large as 60% and unchanged for days despite the dehumidifier. Meter is relative, so if I assume concrete is dry where I had no water, that reading is my reference (40% in my case)...See pics. I already ordered a set of ?CALCIUM CHLORIDE TEST? to check for absolute moisture per laminate manufacturer.... My question is: How bad do you think the situation of the slab is?. How long do you think until I can try measure or install laminate (bambu self locking). Until all the slab is about same color/relative moisture readings?.... Area is about 140sqft. Thanks for any advice.
Category: Flooring Post By: ERIC F (Tulsa, OK), 02/17/2019

Could moisture be coming up underneath the concrete slab where that crack in photo 3 is? Maybe there is no plastic between the earth and the concrete when the concrete was poured originally?

- RITA PATTERSON (Deerfield Beach, FL), 04/29/2019

As I said, water came from a roof leak. The area around the cracks is not discolored and does not measure high moisture readings

- FREDERICK LYNCH (Harrisburg, PA), 05/18/2019

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